Terms and Conditions



Participation in the International Talent Contest for Fashion & Design is governed by the following Standard Terms and Conditions. The latter are deemed to be recognised upon the registration.

Standard Terms and Conditions for the FRANKfurtstyleaward, organised by HSK Premium Consulting & PR:

1. Scope / General Provisions

The following Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply between HSK Premium Consulting & PR and the applicant for participation in the FRANKfurtstyleaward contest. The version of the application guidelines in force at the time of registration shall be authoritative.

Any deviating terms and conditions of the applicant will not be recognised by the organiser unless they are confirmed in writing by the organiser.

2. Application

Contracting partner: HSK Premium Consulting & PR, represented by its owner Hanna Maria Stitz-Krämer, Mühlweg 36, D-61479 Glashütten, VAT ID: DE312012572

Person responsible for content in accordance with §7 of the German Press Act: Hanna Maria Stitz-Krämer

The application for participation in the contest must be submitted in writing using the online registration form and must be received by the FRANKfurtstyleaward within the mentioned period of time. Registrations shall be deemed to be binding upon receipt of the participation fee which must be paid via PAYPAL to the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2019. The agreement shall be entered into upon the payment of the participation fee of EUR 119.00 including 19% VAT.

3. Terms of Payment

Registration for participation in the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2019 requires the payment of the participation fee of EUR 100.00 plus 19% VAT = EUR 119.00.

4. Cancellation, Rescission

If the contracting partner is a consumer within the meaning of § 13 BGB (German Civil Code), he / she shall have a right of revocation according to the appendix to these STCs. In this case the following provisions shall only apply after the expiration of the period of revocation. The period of revocation shall amount to 14 days from the payment of the participation fee.

The cancellation of participation in the FRANKfurtstyleaward must be made in writing by 28 February 2019. If a confirmed registration is cancelled, a cancellation fee of 50% shall be charged.

5. FRANKfurtstyleaward submissions and participation in events

Submissions shall be governed by the application guidelines. The cancellation of submissions shall not be possible. After the sending and activation of the payment process, the application shall be deemed to have been made. Consequently, the application participates in the contest. The submission can then no longer be cancelled.

6. Selection Process

The selection of the finalists and winners shall be the sole responsibility of the expert jury. The judgement of the jury shall be final and may not be challenged. Recourse to the courts shall not be permitted.

If one of the three levels Students, Masterclass, Newcomers does not receive sufficient submissions (minimum of 60), it shall be allocated to the other levels. The awards team shall generally have the right to shift submissions provided that this is thematically appropriate. This shall not result in any disadvantages for the applicants.

7. Cancellation of the Event / Changes

HSK Premium Consulting & PR reserves the right to relocate events geographically and / or in terms of timing or to cancel them or to have recourse to other venues instead. This shall apply, more particularly, in the event of a non-cost covering number of participants, force majeure or other materially justified reasons for which HSK Premium Consulting & PR is not directly responsible.

The organiser reserves the right to change the sequence of the event. This shall not entitle participants to revoke the contract or reduce the participation fee.

8. Liability

The organiser shall not be liable in respect of damage to the design submissions of the participants, unless this is attributable to the wrongful or grossly negligent conduct of a statutory representative of the organiser or one of its vicarious agents.

9. Copyright / Rights to Use

All materials, software use and other contents of the events of the FRANKfurtstyleaward are protected by copyright. All contents and materials offered may be used exclusively with a reference to the copyright of the FRANKfurtstyleaward. Any sharing of contents, their unauthorised downloading or filming of the events shall not be admissible without a written permission regardless of the purposes.

10. Information / Data Privacy / Consent to Data Storage and Advertising

This shall be governed by the separate data privacy statement.