Partner 2020

Patron 2020

Olivier Lapidus

“The new generation will not only change fashion but also the fashion system. Ecology, the evolution of the web, the meaning given to things will be newly given in the universe of creation. It could be that being may be more important than appearing!”

The grandson of a Russian Tailor, Olivier Lapidus is the son of Ted Lapidus who left his mark on the unisex fashion in the 1960s and 1970s. His mother, actress and model Véronique Zuber, was crowned Mis France in the 1955 national beauty award. Olivier inherits from both influences: haute couture and movies.

In 2017, Olivier developed the concept of the first Digital Fashion House. This experimental website won many international awards and was innovative in turning displays of collections into web-based videos and eFashion shows.

In the past, Olivier has not only worked for renowned fashion label such as Pierre Balmain Haute Couture House and Ted Lapidus House (his father’s fashion label) but is also known as pioneer in fashion-tec. A number of patents and invention arose from his collections.

Partners 2020

Airport Club Frankfurt

The Airport Club with its 34 conference rooms is one of the largest and most exclusive Business Clubs in Europe. Over the last 30 years, the Club has welcomed prestigious senior executives from around Frank furt and the rest of Germany, as well as overseas business leaders, who not only meet before, after or between flights for conferences, product presentations, workshops and negotiations, but also for company celebrations and private parties.

The Airport Club is host of this years digital Finale Show of the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2020 BENFITS of CHANGE on June 24, 2020 (14.00 hrs. to 16.00 hrs).

EastWest Models

This year the Top60 designs will be presented by models signed with the agency EastWestModels. With this cooperation the FRANKfurtstyleaward once again strengthens the alliance fashion in the RheinMainRegion by associating with the model agency EastWestModels, yet another international partner. [More…]

Famous Face Academy

Frankfurt’s Famous Face Academy is one of the most successful and professional make-up schools in Germany. The students benefit from years of experience, established courses of instruction and high-quality equipment. Since its beginning, the Famous Face Academy has supported the FRANKfurtstyleaward. The Principal and owner of the cosmetic and make-up school Schäfer and the Famous Face Academy, Sevgi Schäfer, is also co-founder of the FRANKfurtstyleaward Jury moreeover, as the chairwoman of the central association of German cosmetic academies, she brings in her know-how about beauty, runway trends and glamour. [More…]

Fashion TV Production

Fashion TV Production has been the prizewinning and leading agency for international fashion, beauty, health and lifstyle themes for the last 20 years. They are cooperating with the FRANKfurtstyleaward for the first time in 2016 and will film features about the finalists, partner & sponsors and the Gala.

Häuser der Mode (Houses of Fashion)

Häuser der Mode Frankfurt (Houses of Fashion) are every year the location for the preparations of the big FRANKfurtstlyeaward Finale . All important partners and participants came together to arrange the runway show for the Gala evening of the International Talent Contest. [More…]

Mahi Degenring Couture

Exclusive creations for every fashion occasion – that is what Mahi Degenring Couture stands for. Twice a year for more than 30 years, the haute couture label has been impressing audience with its spectacular collections. In 2010, Mahi Degenring was awarded the Berlin fashion prize “Die goldene Nase” (The Golden Nose), and, in 2014, she celebrated her company’s 30th anniversary.

Since many years, Mahi Degenring is member of the FRANKfurtstyleaward’s jury. Furthermore, she dresses Hannemie Stitz for the Finale Shows as well as for the Award Ceremonies.

Marco Marcu

For several years, Marco Marcu has perfectly staged the outfits of the TOP 60 at the FRANKfurtstyleaward FITTING and FINALE with his young upcoming models. With his know-how as a designer and experience from his own catwalk shows, he supports the FRANKfurtstyleaward Team in front of and behind the curtain. As backstage director, he holds the reigns behind backstage and ensures a smooth workflow. At the FRANKfurtstyleaward GALA, many of the young models are on the runway for the first time and have Marcu as an experienced contact, who can give them valuable pointers. [More…]

Montieth & Company

Montieth & Company is a global specialist communications consultancy, dedicated to enabling organizations to seize opportunity and meet their greatest challenges. Its services and solutions include marketing communications, financial communications, litigation communications, public affairs, and issues and crisis management. 

Not Just A Label

NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion. Founded in 2008 with a powerful vision to infuse new life into the fashion system, NJAL has served as a critical platform for over 35,000 designers to date, working to empower emerging voices and facilitate industry exposure at no cost while simultaneously providing an indispensable tool for the industry.

Anke Seeling

Since 5 years, Anke Seeling moderates the gala of the FRANKfurtstyleaward and supports the fashion show with her more than 20 years of experience as actress and presenter. The success story of years of cooperation, which began during the FRANKfurtstyleaward Gala 2013 at Frankfurt Airport, will continue this year at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. Charming and experienced, rheinmaintv’s long-standing presenter leads the audience through the awards ceremony of the International Young Talent Competition.

Evi Sofianou

The Frankfurt visual artist Evi Sofianou has provided the key visual for the motto of the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2020 BENEFITS of CHANGE.



She is a master of hidden messages and symbols: In the detailed, sometimes filigree works of the painter with Greek roots, there are not only spiritual and philosophical references, but also echoes of positions critical of society and consumption.

In her contrasting geometry of the spiritual, which runs through her entire oeuvre, she deals contemplatively and very concentrated with the essential questions of life in digital change: How and at what speed do we want to live? What significance do spirituality, faith and sensuality have in a world of artificial intelligence? What does a fulfilled life in harmony with itself look like?

Simon Zimbardo

Simon Zimbardo has worked for many years as a musician and photographer on stages and in studios – and often combines the essence of both worlds. Because the rhythm of life also shows itself in faces and in artistic stagings, sometimes open, sometimes hidden. For him, making this visible and perceptible is a passion from which his pictures live. Beauty and fashion photography open up further creative spaces and elements, which in turn tell their stories and want to be staged. Before any artistic realization, an optimal result requires intensive preparations, the right environment, the professional technique, the right mood, sincere communication. In photography the feeling for the right moment is added. Thus the personal rhythm, the personal note can become visible. The world is sound, also in photography.

Studio Zeta – Fotografie + Gestaltung

Zübeyde Kopp is a photographer out of pure passion with the highest standards for her pictures and herself. To capture the right moment is for her art and reality at the same time. With meticulous preparation, vision and a feeling for the right moment, the Turkish-born photographer composes her visual worlds.