Evi Sofianou – the artist of the Key Visual 2020

The Frankfurt visual artist Evi Sofianou has provided the key visual for the motto of the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2020 BENEFITS of CHANGE.



She is a master of hidden messages and symbols: In the detailed, sometimes filigree works of the painter with Greek roots, there are not only spiritual and philosophical references, but also echoes of positions critical of society and consumption.

In her contrasting geometry of the spiritual, which runs through her entire oeuvre, she deals contemplatively and very concentrated with the essential questions of life in digital change: How and at what speed do we want to live? What significance do spirituality, faith and sensuality have in a world of artificial intelligence? What does a fulfilled life in harmony with itself look like?

Evi Sofianou transforms her accurate stroke with her free hand virtuosically and uncompromisingly into a contrasting and organic play of planes, lines and forms – always intent on giving the creative complexity a stable order. Her pictures are created intuitively and usually do without a decided visual centre. They develop rather in the creative process of creation with their own dramaturgy and dynamics, sometimes massive, sometimes subtle, sometimes from inside to outside, sometimes from left to right – or vice versa.

In her works, Evi Sofianou positions signs, symbols, fonts and figures in such a refined way that the viewer constantly makes new discoveries – and yet never reveals many a secret.

(German) Text source: Uwe Berndt, Frankfurt