Call for Entry 2017

key-visualArtwork “MODERN REALITY”: Devin Miles

speech, code, screen. Fashion is a system of signs. It is and it creates MODERN REALITY. In the 21st century fashion decodes and locates us in the now. It tells the story of who & where & how we are.

A sense of where you are – Where are you?

#virtualreality #culture #love #identity #innovation #power #movement: fashion speaks many words in many languages. Its innovative attributes bring the future to the present und as a pioneer for sustainability; it reconciles the relationship between humans and nature.

How do the #working #dating #sporting outfits of the 21st century look like?


The FRANKfurtstyleaward 2017 invites up-and-coming fashion design talents worldwide to submit their creative ideas to not more than two out of three categories according to the leading theme “MODERN REALITY”:


Follow/break/make the rules? The #modernworking outfit combines confidence, elegance and comfort. It suggests understatement without denying identity. What would a woman wear to break the glass ceiling? How would a man make his own statement? Be unconfined.


Sports today: Watches, e-sports, activity, high-tech material, Apps, Bluetooth-tracker. Or shall retentiveness,simplicity and functionality once again define what we wear during a workout? In other words: What does it look like? What does is feel like? What does it offer? The sportswear of the digital age.


Skype or Smartphone? Skyline or City Park? A perfect outfit doesn’t make a perfect date. But it’s a promising start. How much effort does a man or a woman put into looking effortlessly? Do we emphasis our gender identity or have the boundaries become obsolete?