Heimat 4.0

Heimat (home, homeland). Everybody knows the term. It is immortal. We are longing for Heimat. Heimat is more than a place. A feeling. A memory.

But we also know that we need to redefine Heimat. More people call more than one Heimat their own. Borders disintegrate. Cultures mingle. We learn from one another, but we do not want to lose our own Heimat. The climate change makes us aware that the earth is the Heimat of all of us.

The time is ripe for a HEIMAT 4.0.

HEIMAT 4.0 is the motto of the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2019. We invite you to provide the term with a new set of clothes. Fashion reflects Heimat. But what does the reflection show? Do we have to revolutionize Heimat? Or do we have to return to our roots?

HEIMAT as a fashion(able) market place is now opened. Show us how fashion translates Heimat. Affirmatively or surprisingly? What can fashion tell us about Heimat? In business, in daily life and in many different lifestyles – from URBAN via ADVENTURE to EARTH?

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