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FRANKfurtstyleaward 2019 HEIMAT 4.0 – Frankfurt celebrates international Fashion Talents at Tendence

At the FRANKfurtstyleaward Finale Show on June 29, 2019, the winners of the international competition for young designers in fashion and design were chosen. The TOP60 designs under the motto HEIMAT 4.0 were presented to a large audience in three fashion shows: “Urban”, “Adventure” and “Earth”. The expert jury selected the ten winners out of the TOP60 finalists who are coming from 23 countries.

The winners:

Outstanding Talent:

  • Jenna Standish, „Cape Town“, Student, Design Academy of Fashion, South Africa

Winner Outstanding Talent: Jenna Stendish, Student, South Africa, “Cape Town”, Foto Credit: Simon Zimbardo

Lifestyle “Adventure”

  • 1stPlace: Tiffany Anggiono, „Distant Memory“, Student, Raffles College of Higher Education, Indonesia
  • 2ndPlace: Rivka Mirzkandov, „Tibetan Nomads“, Student, Shenker College for Engineering Design & Art, Israel
  • 3rd Place: Dorothee Ahrens, Student, „Nostalgic Inspiration“, FAHMODA, Germany

Lifestyle “Earth”

  • 1stPlace: Koki Iwanaka, „Living“, Student, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • 2ndPlace: Ndery Ndao, „Bombacaceae“, Master Class, Fashion Design Institute of Dakar, Senegal
  • 3rdPlace: Silvia Rutz, „We reap what we sow“, Student, Modeschule Brigitte Kehrer, Switzerland

Lifestyle “Urban”

  • 1st Place: Melissa Kunz, „Grow up“, Student, FAHMODA, Germany
  • 2ndPlace: Valeria Dror, „Russian Heritage“, Student, Shenker College for Engineering Design & Art, Israel
  • 3rdPlace: Shir Danny, „Refugees Journey“, Student, Shenker College for Engineering Design & Art, Israel

Talent Award for Fashion & Design of the State of Hessen

For the first time in the eleven-year old history of FRANKfurtstyleaward, the “Talent Award for Fashion & Design of the State of Hessen“ has been assigned. The award has a total value of 10,000 Eurosand was donated by HA Hessen Agentur GmbHand Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH. 

The prize money is divided into the three lifestyles themes URBAN, ADVENTURE and EARTH for the first three winners as follows: 1stplace 1,500 Euro each, 2ndplace 1,000 Euro each and 3rdplace 500 Euro each.

“Under the motto HEIMAT 4.0, the award stands for internationality of Hessen,” emphasized Dr. Rainer Waldschmidt, Managing Director of HA Hessen Agentur GmbH and Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH. “I am particularly pleased that young designers from Africa have the opportunity to present themselves to top international decision-makers. For us, Africa is a very important future market”.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to win scholarship programs with master classes from the Haute Future Fashion Academy Milano (HFFA) as well as “Once in a Lifetime” fashion trips to Berlin, Frankfurt and Paris. Another highlight was the invitation of the Outstanding Talent to the Vancouver Fashion Week 2020. Additionally to other non-cash prizes, the winners received the highest award, the FRANK® Trophy.

from left to right: Valeria Dror, Israel, “Russian Heritage”(Model: Frederike E.); Jenna Standish, South Africa, “Cape Town”(Model: Cindy W.); Tiffany Anggiono , Indonesia, “Distant Memory” (Model: Paula M.); Koki Iwanaka , Japan, “Living” (Model: Monique W.); Rivka Mirzkandov , Israel, “Tibetan Nomads”(Model: Hannah D.); Shir Danny , Israel, “Refugees Journey” (Model: Leon G.); Silvia Rutz , Switzerland, “We reap what we sow” (Model: Beba H.); Melissa Kunz , Germany, “Grow Up” (Model: Koray G.)
Photo Credit: Fotostudio Zeta

New Format for the FRANKfurtstyleaward

For the first time, the Finale Show and the FRANKfurtstyleaward award ceremony took place at Tendence Frankfurt, the international trade fair for consumer goods. The shows of each of the 20 top designs in the Finale were staged on the marketplaces “Urban”, “Adventure” and “Earth”, before it turned into a festive Award Ceremony with the finalists of the competition and guests from fashion, design, industry, culture and society. The head of Tendence, Philipp Ferger, welcomed the finalists of the competition and several hundred guests as host. Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt, gave the welcoming address to City Councilor Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, who was enthusiastic about the cultural and creative diversity of the TOP60 collection HEIMAT 4.0 from all over the world.

With a reception of the young international designers in the Kaisersaal of the Römer, the patron Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann took care of an unforgettable Fashion Day in Frankfurt. In his place, City Councilor Eskandari-Grünberg welcomed around 300 guests who largely witnessed the 11thedition of the FRANKfurtstyleaward and the Finale at Tendence. The international commitment of the FRANKfurtstyleaward has been supported by the patronage of the City of Frankfurt for many years and culminated in the invitation to the Kaisersaal.

The French designer icon Chantal Thomass, honorary president of this year’s jury, received the FRANK® Trophy in the festive setting of the Kaisersaal. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 for her extraordinary life’s work, which took her to the top of the Paris designers. The laudation was held by Karl von der Ahé, Creative Director of the Berlin Fashion & Culture e.V..

“With the motto HEIMAT 4.0 of this year’s FRANKfurtstyleaward, we have hit the nerve of time. The topic of HOME has deeply touched the finalists from 23 countries and was implemented in a variety of ways in the very creative and great designs,” said Hannemie Stitz-Krämer, founder and president of the meanwhile internationally renowned Award for Fashion and Design. “I am particularly pleased about the commitment of the State of Hessen. The ‘Talent Award for Fashion & Design of the State of Hessen’ means that the FRANKfurtstyleaward is continuing to gain in importance both nationally and internationally.”

Support of the participating Finalists

More than half of the Top60 finalists came from all over the world and spent an exciting time in Frankfurt. Among other, they were supported by  FRANKfurtstyleaward Gold Sponsor Fleming’s Hotels Frankfurt, who offered accommodations for all finalists and Jury Members as well as delicious buffets for the 60 Models of EastWest Model Agency and Make Up Artists of Famous Face Academy as well as in the Jury Lounge, where the 2nd jury session took place under the presidency of Fashion Icon Chantal Thomass. With pumps and sneakers from Högl shoe fashion, the appearance of the designs was impeccable.The natural cosmetics company Luvos Heilerde (Luvos Healing Earth) surprised the finalists and the guests of the award ceremony with 300 “Goddy Bags” equipped with valuable products for beauty and health. Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland enabled a smooth shuttle service to Frankfurt’s Römer after the Award Ceremony at the Tendence providing eight brand new Jaguar PACE plus two Range Rover Hybrid cars.

Partner & Sponsors of the FRANKfurtstyleaward 2019

Photo credit featured image: Simon Zimbardo, Frankfurt

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