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On Friday, June 24, 2022, the 3rd Special Edition of the FRANKfurtstyleaward will take place at the Kunstverein Familie Montez under the motto “Fashion with Passion”. Under the patronage of Frankfurt’s techno pope TALLA 2XLC, the avantgarde of music will meet the avantgarde of fashion from the New Fashion Zones of Ukraine, Senegal and Germany on the runway. “Landlord” Mirek Macke invites the International Talent Contest for Fashion & Design for the second time to his unique location under the Honsell Bridge.

The FRANKfurtstyleaward presents 3rd Special Edition at the Kunstverein Familie Montez for Frankfurt Fashion Week 2022.

International newcomers will present themselves on the runway and in the show room with “Fashion & Art to Go” from June 24 to 26, 2022: From Germany, Vice Miss Germany 2022 Zoe Aurivel will celebrate her premiere with the collection “Untouched”. The Frankfurt brands Alexandra Fuks with “Revival”, Anastasia Liebe with “Goddess Gala Collection” and Silwi Rutz, designer from Constance, with “Faltherz” are participating with their fashion art for the third time.


Fashion’n’Music Exclusive FFW 2022 Surprise Show

The Fashion’n’Music Exclusive FFW 2022 Surprise Show, presented by Wafa Tomalla, is the perfect transition to the highlight for the approximately 400 guests at KVFM, when TALLA 2XLC receives the “Frankfurt Lifestyle Oscar” – the FRANK Trophy – for his life’s work. He invites his fans to the “Public Hearing” for his DJ set with fashion, dance and techno music in front of the unique Frankfurt backdrop with the setting sun “Under the Honsell Bridge”.

“The FRANKfurtstyleaward writes history in the promotion of young talents for fashion & design since 2008. In its 3rd Special Edition ‘Fashion with Passion’ we present successful designers with their young labels, who started their careers on the stages of the international talent competition in Frankfurt,” explains Hannemie Stitz-Krämer, initiator and organizer of the FRANKfurtstyleaward. “As a Frankfurt icon and celebrated world star, TALLA 2XLC truly deserves the FRANK trophy award for his life’s work and the lifestyle and zeitgeist he has shaped with his music!”

Traveling through times of music, dance and fashion

The FRANKfurtstyleaward owes Talla’s wife and manager Wafa Tomalla the fact that the journey through time can be experienced through music, dance and fashion. Her unique collection consists of one-of-a-kind pieces collected over decades. Treasures that will soon be on display today at the Kunstverein Familie Montez and tomorrow at the just-opened MOMEM (Museum of Modern Electronic Music) at Frankfurt’s Hauptwache.

The founder of the FRANKfurtstyleaward thanks Mirek Macke and Daniel Mouson for the trustful cooperation and inclusion of the TOP COLLECTIONS from the international fashion & design competition since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in spring 2020 as well as her guests and longtime supporters, partners and companions – especially Anke Seeling for the moderation, Kevin Oaks for the choreography as well as her Frankfurt dream team Sevgi Schäfer and Carlos Streil. They have made the productions possible since 2008 with their offspring “New Faces” of the EastWest Model Agency and the fascinating styling of the Famous Face Academy.

Program Overview

Kunstverein Familie Montez on Friday, June 24, 2022, starting at 3:30 p.m.

  • 3.30 p.m.: Admission
  • 4.00 p.m.: Welcome speeches (with moderator Anke Seeling, patron city council head Hilime Arslaner Gölbasi, managing director of the business development Oliver Schwebel, Hannemie Stitz-Krämer)
  • 4.15 p.m.: Runway shows in three zones: Ukraine, Senegal, Germany
  • 7.00 p.m.: Fashion’n’Music Wafa Tomalla Exclusive FFW Surprise Show
  • 7.30 p.m.: Presentation of “FRANK Trophy” to TALLA 2XLC for his Lifetime Achievement
  • 8.00 p.m.: Fashion meets Music “Under the Honsell Bridge” with Public Viewing/Hearing
  • From 8.00 p.m.: “Fashion & Art to Go” in the KVFM Hall


Tickets for the 3rd Special Edition “Fashion with Passion”.

  • VIP tickets can be purchased at Keyvent for the event on June 24, 2022 (4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) at Kunstverein Familie Montez
  • Ticket cost is at 45 euros per person. There are discounted tickets for couples, groups, pupils and students.
  • From 9:30 p.m. free admission to the VIP Lounge and KVFM Hall “Fashion & Art to Go”.

Accreditation Media Representatives

Interested journalists can register for the event by sending an e-mail to martina.zuengel@mz-communications.de.