Famous Face Academy garantees the perfect styling

Frankfurt’s Famous Face Academy is one of the most successful and professional make-up schools in Germany. The students benefit from years of experience, established courses of instruction and high-quality equipment. Since its beginning, the Famous Face Academy has supported the FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD. The Principal and owner of the cosmetic and make-up school Schäfer and the Famous Face Academy, Sevgi Schäfer, is also co-founder of the Style Award Jury. Moreover, as the chairwoman of the central association of German cosmetic academies, she brings in her know-how about beauty, runway trends and glamour.

Behind the scenes, her new generation of make-up artists is responsible for the perfect styling of our young runway models. The upcoming make-up and hair stylists of the Famous Face Academy beautify our models and set the creations as well as the models on the runway and at the photo shootings perfectly in scene with styles that match– match the motto and categories of the contest

A dark and wide Eyeliner was the key look of the styling for the FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD 2013.

A dark and wide Eyeliner was the key look of the styling for the FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD 2013.

„Applying make-up is an art that needs to be learned. During training, our students get the chance to be in the thick of it and play a pivotal role in the whole process. At the FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD they collaborate with model talents and upcoming fashion designers and learn that the perfect styling belongs to the perfect outfit. “, commented Sevgi Schäfer.

That Sevgi Schäfer holds supporting upcoming talents close to her heart isn’t new. The principal supports her students through internships for film and television, and helps newcomers of her academy find a flat in Frankfurt. Even during their training, the make-up artists work for and with internationally- recognized professionals from film, television, fashion, photography, show business and industry. With their make-up and styling skills, they support productions and shows like the Bambi Awards, Germany’s Next Topmodel, MTV European Music Awards or The Voice of Germany.
Anja Kolla Nega is also part of the styling team at the FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD. The multiple make-up-worldcup winner is one of the skilled teachers of the Famous Face Academy and has been working their as a lecturer since 2005.

The team of the Famous Face Academy supports the international contest for young talents from the FITTING at the Häuser der Mode in Frankfurt to the grand FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD GALA on September 5, 2015 at the Fraport-Forum.

With expertise and unique ideas, they arrange the perfect make-up and styling at the fashion shootings and at the fashion show. Sevgi Schäfer, Anja Kolla Nega and their protégés know how to transform the faces of our models to real characters for the show and highlight everyone’s beauty in a different way.